Xinomavro is probably the most amazing red Greek grape variety. Many believe it is the top variety that Greece has to offer to the world and one of the best European varieties due to its exceptional taste, unique aromas, high tannins and exceptional body. It is often associated with Nebbiolo, a fascinating Italian grape that produces high quality wines, the famous Barolo wines originating from the area of Piedmont, Italy.

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A touch of perfection with Xinomavro and Syrah
16.30 14.82

[product_subtitle] This beautifully balanced rose is music to your ears in many ways. With minimal interventions, low yields, native yeasts and unfiltered bottling the Germanis family has launched its own iconic wines that are being exported in a number of countries around the world. With a superb structure and amazing complexity Moschopolis8 stands out from any other rose you have tried. It is a blend of Xinomavro and Syrah in equal proportions. The wine owes its intense but delicate character to the fact that it matures for 8 months in oak barrels. Remember there are only limited numbers of bottles available from this wine and we strongly suggest you make a move today or it might be too late. In the glass Moschopolis8 has a medium pink colour. At the nose it has a very attractive bouquet of aromas including sweet cherry, ripe strawberry, vanilla, and rose notes. On the palate it is rich, oily with perfect acidity and a rich aftertaste of toffee caramel.

14.40 13.09

[product_subtitle] This classic Naousa from Markovitis Winery, also known in the past as Chateau Pegasus, is really exceptional and one of the best you can find today. It comes from the very special vintage of 2017, which was one more great year for the production of Xinomavro in the area. Markos Markovitis, grandson of the founder, is a viticultrurist and oenologist with studies in Germany and a very forward thinking view of the future of Greek wine making. He also believes that all necessary interventions should only made in the vineyard in order to bring forth the main characteristics of the terroir. His production comes from a single vineyard which lies just in front of the winery and is cultivated biologically for years and years exclusively with Xinomavro. The use of oak barrels for 12 months during maturation leads to a more sophisticated and balanced final product, without covering the precious tannins on one side but without allowing the dynamic aspects of Xinomavro to stand out more than necessary. As is usually the case with this very promising variety, it offers a great aging potential which can vary from 5 to 10 years, so it will be up to you to decide if you will keep it in your cellar or enjoy it here and now.

15.30 13.91

[product_subtitle] It’s hard to describe the virtues of this perfect wine which is a combination of two equally famous protagonists of the Greek vineyard. Xinomavro brings in its dynamic character while Malagouzia offers its balanced aromatic persona that gives a new very attractive definition to the blend. As its name suggests this is an impressive wine both for its overwhelming aromas and its exquisite taste. Evodeas by Kelesidis comes from one of the oldest domaines in Naousa, with vineyards cultivated according to the principles of organic farming. The color is light lemon and the nose explosive, with aromas ranging from citrus fruit to peach, melon, and pear. On the palate, medium-volume body with an interesting oily texture refreshing acidity with a satisfying aftertaste of thyme which lasts longer then you would expect.

13.10 11.91

[product_subtitle] There are so many satisfying elements in this wine that we believe it will easily become one of your favourite options for every single occasion. It is a powerful blend of Assyrtiko, Xinomavro and Malagouzia in a magnum bottle which carries the years of experience and the eye for perfection of Dr Germanis, an oenologist that has spent years and years developing jewels for the Greek vineyard and the inspired innovation of Aliki, Thodoris and Dimitris who are the new generation shaping the future of this very promising winery. The 3 varieties complement each other in the heart and soul of this wine and the oily sensation comes from the 3 months of maturation of the blend in its fine lees. The colour is pale lemon, the nose is filled with hints of lemon, citrus, peach, pear, citrus flowers and herbal notes. In the mouth it offers medium body, perfect acidity and a remarkable aromatic character with a buttery sensation and unique aftertaste.