Vidiano is a very ancient Greek white grape variety coming from the area of Rethymno at the island of Crete, south of Greece, not too far from Africa. It was almost extinct until 25 years ago, but during the last 10 years it is experiencing a full come back, not only in Crete but in other parts of Greece with producers trying to uncover its huge potential and to bring to surface its quality characteristics.

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[product_subtitle] Klima Vidiano 2021 is a wonderful aromatic wine from Crete that we urge all of you to try. Nikos Karavitakis has been experimenting for years with Vidiano, the fantastic variety that is taking over Crete and the world by surprise, while everybody believes that its export potential is bright. You will love its refreshing aromas of fresh peach, lime and chamomile that burst out of your glass combined with a well balanced acidity. Fermentation takes place in stainless steel and the precious juice does not stay on the lees for too long since its great fruity character is so present and overwhelming. Klima Vidiano 2020 comes with bright yellow colour, medium body and acidity. Enjoy the long aftertaste with hints of sweet apricot which stays with you long after you have emptied your glass.

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[product_subtitle] Elia Vidiano by Karavitakis winery is a very unique Cretan wine which is often hard to find since it comes in a very limited number of bottles, only 1450 to be more specific. Nikos Karavitakis, who belongs to the new generation of dynamic Cretan winemakers, has been experimenting with Vidiano in many ways in order to reach a result as exclusive as any Assyrtiko from Santorini would stand for and the result is perfect. This wine comes from a single vineyard which is located at 640 meters above sea level and produces amazing grapes. The precious juice matures for 6 months in oak barrels in order to gain depth and complexity. The color of Elia Vidiano is medium lemon and it comes with a rich nose with notes of peach, apricot, lime and much more. On the palate it offers medium to full body with an oily sensation and high acidity.