A really outstanding white grape variety that produces some of Greece’s most lovely wines often compared with Viognier. This is an amazing example of the turnaround that modern producers have performed in Greece by preserving indigenous varieties and focusing on terroir driven wines.

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A new perspective on natural wines
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Dorian Natural Wine by Balatsouras Family is a wine that will give you a totally new perspective of what a natural wine stands for. The grapes are grown in some of the oldest vineyards near the village of Koniakos in Fokida, at an altitude of 850 meters above sea level with fully organic cultivation. Indigenous yeasts are used for fermentation and sulfites are totally banned from the production. Dorian Natural wine is a blend of Roditis (90%) which is responsible for its orange color and Malagouzia (10%). With a sophisticated nose and superb mouth this exceptional blend will amaze those who adore orange wines.


Aegean Islands


This islander will show you a different Santorini
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[product_subtitle] According to the ancient Doric Greek dialect, that was spoken on the island thousands of years ago, Nassitis means islander. Discover this great blend of the 3 famous local varieties of Santorini: Aidani, Athiri, and Assyrtiko that come together whispering their own secrets and creating a new myth, so unique that should not be missed. Combining the dynamic acidity, fashionable elegance, pure aromatic touch of fruit and flowers with the famous volcanic minerality of the island, this wine will take you on a trip of uncovering the real soul of Santorini. Mango and pineapple, apricot and peach will drive your senses wild while chrysanthemum and daisy will change your views about Assyrtiko forever. Enjoy the fruity aftertaste that will stay with you for some time and will bring back the Caldera sunset wherever you are.




One of the best Malagouzias in Greece
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[product_subtitle] It is no secret that Malagouzia 2022 by Kitrvs Winery is one of the best Malagouzias one can find in Greece today. Located in the village of Kitros in Pieria, at the north end of Greece, this forward thinking winery run by the Garypidis family has put a lot of hard work in creating wines with unique character. Their obsession with detail and passion for what they do, has created a fantastic version of Malagouzia with fans not only in Greece but all over the world. It offers crisp acidity, a full structured body and an amazing refreshing sense of fulfilment when you taste it. Saved from total extinction only a few years ago, Malagouzia is becoming one of the most popular Greek varieties today with impressive exports globally and blooming cultivation in different parts of the country. The colour of this perfect Malagouzia 2020 is lemon with green reflections. The nose is both fruity and floral with hints of peach, apricot, pineapple, lime or citron complemented with hints of hyacinth and jasmine. On the palate the body is medium to rich, with an oily texture and hints of peach combined with passion-fruit, mint and lemon blossoms. The aftertaste is long with a satisfying freshness that remains there for quite a while.