Amazing Greek Wines is here to offer you something unique.

We will share with your team the secret gems from small Greek wine producers. Our wine list is not very large because our team of specialists tries hundreds of different wines and rejects many more before we can offer you the best.

These are not inexpensive mass-produced products that you will get in discount wine stores or supermarkets but rather very special wines by real families of winemakers who have devoted their lives in perfecting the art of winemaking through innovation and rare knowledge, which comes from thousands of years of local wine making tradition.

They are superb wines your clients will share with their friends who have probably visited Greece and are not familiar with the diversity of amazing products produced in different wine zones. They are award winning wines that receive gold medals in numerous wine competitions around the globe or some of the best bio and natural wines you can find.

Please send us your request at [email protected] and we will rush you different options to choose from in the best prices available.
You can always buy mixed cases from different producers in one shipment.

Our passion
We offer some of the best wines that you can find in Greece
at great prices, that are equally fair to you and to the producer.

Our focus
We carry only Greek premium wines and blends

Our producers
We work exclusively with small wine producers

We favour low intervention, low yields, natural, bio, low sulphite wines

Your people in Greece
You have your own team of specialists in Greece who will work for your wine list for free

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