Greek organic wines  come from certified vineyards around the country that have been cultivated according to the principles of organic farming without the use of artificial chemical fertilizers, pesticides, fungicides and herbicides. Natural methods are used to avoid diseases and a lot of effort goes in the vineyard towards prevention rather than after a disease has occurred.

Greek biodynamic wines are derived from grapes cultivated with the principles of organic farming, implementing a planting calendar that is based on astronomical configurations (usually the calendar of Maria Thun), while the earth is considered to be a “living and receptive” organism. Biodynamic wineries create a self-sustaining system using natural materials and nutrient-rich composts from the vineyard itself. Chemical fertilizers and pesticides are totally forbidden while domestic animals from ducks to horses to geese live on the soil and fertilize it with their own organic materials. Biodynamic farming is focused on sustainability and every effort is undertaken in order to preserve the land in as good or better shape as it was before cultivation for the sake of future generations. According to biodynamic farming everything in nature is connected and when one aspect of the cycle goes off balance, the entire system can collapse. A holistic approach to the vineyard and winemaking is the answer in order to create amazing wines, the way they were meant to be.

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[product_subtitle] It’s hard to describe the virtues of this perfect wine which is a combination of two equally famous protagonists of the Greek vineyard. Xinomavro brings in its dynamic character while Malagouzia offers its balanced aromatic persona that gives a new very attractive definition to the blend. As its name suggests this is an impressive wine both for its overwhelming aromas and its exquisite taste. Evodeas by Kelesidis comes from one of the oldest domaines in Naousa, with vineyards cultivated according to the principles of organic farming. The color is light lemon and the nose explosive, with aromas ranging from citrus fruit to peach, melon, and pear. On the palate, medium-volume body with an interesting oily texture refreshing acidity with a satisfying aftertaste of thyme which lasts longer then you would expect.