Greek organic wines  come from certified vineyards around the country that have been cultivated according to the principles of organic farming without the use of artificial chemical fertilizers, pesticides, fungicides and herbicides. Natural methods are used to avoid diseases and a lot of effort goes in the vineyard towards prevention rather than after a disease has occurred.

Greek biodynamic wines are derived from grapes cultivated with the principles of organic farming, implementing a planting calendar that is based on astronomical configurations (usually the calendar of Maria Thun), while the earth is considered to be a “living and receptive” organism. Biodynamic wineries create a self-sustaining system using natural materials and nutrient-rich composts from the vineyard itself. Chemical fertilizers and pesticides are totally forbidden while domestic animals from ducks to horses to geese live on the soil and fertilize it with their own organic materials. Biodynamic farming is focused on sustainability and every effort is undertaken in order to preserve the land in as good or better shape as it was before cultivation for the sake of future generations. According to biodynamic farming everything in nature is connected and when one aspect of the cycle goes off balance, the entire system can collapse. A holistic approach to the vineyard and winemaking is the answer in order to create amazing wines, the way they were meant to be.

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Experience this superb organic orange wine with tannins
21.70 19.73

Everyone knows in Greece that the two Tatsis brothers are great innovators and when they get into anything they mean to create something unique. Roditis Orange by Domaine Tatsis is a beautiful natural orange wine which comes from red grapes that ferment with their lees on for one month in oak barrels.  With organic cultivation, minimal interventions and no sulfites used when bottling the result is a perfect natural wine that is white, or really orange, but it possesses some amazing tannins. Experience the condensed body and the dynamic nose which is filled with fruity aromas including peach, kumquat and dried apricot.




A new perspective on natural wines
16.00 14.55

Dorian Natural Wine by Balatsouras Family is a wine that will give you a totally new perspective of what a natural wine stands for. The grapes are grown in some of the oldest vineyards near the village of Koniakos in Fokida, at an altitude of 850 meters above sea level with fully organic cultivation. Indigenous yeasts are used for fermentation and sulfites are totally banned from the production. Dorian Natural wine is a blend of Roditis (90%) which is responsible for its orange color and Malagouzia (10%). With a sophisticated nose and superb mouth this exceptional blend will amaze those who adore orange wines.


Bio & Natural


Robola as bio and natural as it gets
34.00 30.91

[product_subtitle] This is definitely one wine that will never pass unnoticed and will win again and again awards in competitions around the world. It is organic and natural with no added sulphites. The amazing grapes, which are cultivated all the way according to the principles of organic farming, with no interventions in the field, come from a great pre-phylloxera vineyard at Thiramonas, Cephalonia. The beautiful Ionian island of Cephalonia, with its superb natural environment and wonderful coastline, during the last years has been redefining its wine production and is graciously returning to the glory of bygone eras when it was famous for its wine production all over the world. Robola, a protagonist in this amazing comeback, seems to have the potential to win the throne from Assyrtiko as Greece’s top wine for exports in the future. At Petrakopoulos Winery experimenting with local varieties is a fulltime job and the result is wines that represent the local terroir in a unique way. Palia Armakia is a limited production wine and its rare bottles sell very fast each year, so you will have to watch out for a wine that it is often hard to get. The colour in the glass is pale lemon, with medium body, a nose full of aromas of lemon, lime and green apple and a very expressive acidity with intense mineral character and a sense of wet stone. Its perfect aftertaste is very satisfying and remains in your mouth long after you had the chance to try this exquisite wine.