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Absolute perfection with 95 points from Decanter
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[product_subtitle] If you have not followed the transformation of Mavrodafne, during the last years, to a perfect premium dry wine with fans all over the world you will be surprised by what Mavro by Petrakopoulos Winery stands for. This absolutely devine wine has put Cephalonia in the world wine map and has received 95 points from Decanter, which could even rise this year due to further improvements in its production processes. Petrakopoulos winery has a very specific philosophy for everything that it produces. Minimal interventions during cultivation and vinification, sulphites below the lower limit and of course only indigenous yeasts. Grapes come from vines over 40 years old from vineyards in the villages of Paliki and Eleios. With austere sorting of the grapes, long extraction and 12 months maturation in oak barrels this gorgeous Mavrodaphne is full of aromas in a spicy botanical background. Mavro is a world class wine and it is no surprise that it already has a career abroad. Its colour is deep purple. The nose is full of black and sour cherry, cassis, notes of black tea, cinnamon, cloves and chocolate. On the palate the concentration is spectacular but it comes with finesse and moderate acidity. The full body is complemented by its medium intensity and omnipresent silky tannins.




Meet the glamorous lady that is so cool
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[product_subtitle] This superb Mademoiselle by Haritatos Vineyard is a dry Mavrodaphne that is unbelievably fresh and cool. It comes from stainless steel tanks without oak maturation and it is enjoyed cool during the warm summer months or in special occasions. Mademoiselle, as its name suggests, is a soft and delicate in nature wine which is already available in restaurants in Paris, London or New York City. Its colour is purple with light blue reflections. In the nose enjoy its moderate aromatic hints from cherry, sour cherry, raspberry, fresh fig, basil and vanilla. On the palate you will find the body medium with crisp acidity and delicate tannins, which are part of its sophisticated style. Its aftertaste is fruity keeping the aura of this beautiful mademoiselle with you much longer.