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There was a time that the perception of Greek wine abroad came from low quality mass produced Retsina, that was sold mainly in restaurants offering Greek cuisine in Europe or the US. Retsina by Aoton Winery has nothing to do with what most of the world has known about Retsina. This is a fantastic wine, a blend of Savatiano and Roditis that is produced with the addition of resin, a thick liquid that comes from the bark of pine trees. This process dates back thousands of years from the time of ancient Greece. To create a very unique Retsina grapes are handpicked by night, since Attica is a place that is still quite warm in September. Resin is added when the grape juice has been placed in stainless steel tanks at the time of fermentation. After fermentation it stays on the lees for 8 months in order to gain complexity and finesse. Retsina comes with a vivid lemony color with green hues. In the mouth it offers a medium body with an oily nature, while the nose is filled with aromas of pine, mastic and citrus fruit.

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