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Le rois des montagnes 20217– Assyrtico by Papargyriou Estate is an amazing white wine which is the result of years of experimentation by owner Yiannis Papargyriou who is known for his eye for detail. The grapes used are always very ripe, since they are always harvested late in the year. Fermentation takes place in French oak barrels with regular batonnage and the result is a noble wine with royal concentration and intense acidity. If you are lucky to get your hands on one of the numbered bottles of Le rois des montagnes 2018 – Assyrtiko we suggest you share the experience with your closest friends and family or those who can appreciate its unique qualities. The colour is deep lemony, the nose is dynamic with aromas of honey, orange peel, vanilla and dried apricot and the mouth offers a moderate body with very juicy ripe fruit. Enjoy the perfect aftertaste with notes of citrus fruit.

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