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There are so many satisfying elements in this wine that we believe it will easily become one of your favourite options for every single occasion. It is a powerful blend of Assyrtiko, Xinomavro and Malagouzia in a magnum bottle which carries the years of experience and the eye for perfection of Dr Germanis, an oenologist that has spent years and years developing jewels for the Greek vineyard and the inspired innovation of Aliki, Thodoris and Dimitris who are the new generation shaping the future of this very promising winery. The 3 varieties complement each other in the heart and soul of this wine and the oily sensation comes from the 3 months of maturation of the blend in its fine lees. The colour is pale lemon, the nose is filled with hints of lemon, citrus, peach, pear, citrus flowers and herbal notes. In the mouth it offers medium body, perfect acidity and a remarkable aromatic character with a buttery sensation and unique aftertaste.

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