We offer the world the possibility to discover some of the best hidden secrets of the Greek vineyard. Our team of wine specialists and sommeliers scouts for you all over Greece and brings forward the best small lesser-known producers and their products at discount prices.
It evaluates hundreds of different possible wines from small wineries from different regions. We try everything we offer and we only carry on our site a small percentage of these great handpicked Greek wines.

If you are a consumer

We bring you handpicked wines from all over Greece, not the major brands that are available everywhere, but the hidden gems you will find when you travel around the country looking for something unique.
Our prices are winery prices plus cost of transportation to your door, quite lower from what you would pay for this quality anywhere in the world.

If you are a restaurant, a retail chain or store.

We negotiate for you the best prices for different Greek wines because we know what is available and your best options at every single moment. You have a team of specialists that will work for you at no cost.
Our commitment to bring you the best from the Greek vineyard guarantees top quality products that have been produced with love and care by smaller family run wineries. Our orders for trade and wholesale have a minimum of half a palette.

We are able to include handpicked products from different wineries in one shipment.

This is a plus for you since you can save money on transportation costs. For retail businesses it gives them the chance to offer their clients a wider selection of different Greek wines and varieties.


We offer handpicked wines
We try hundreds of different wines for every single wine we select and list in our web site.
We favour low intervention and ethical trade
Wineries that follow an environmentally friendly and ethical production, with respect to the land and low intervention methods, have many more chances to join our exclusive list of selected small Greek wineries.
We exclude commercial wines
You will not find in our site the big commercially oriented brands that are widely available in most wine stores and supermarkets.
We believe producers deserve a fair price
This site supports small family owned wineries and is committed to do its best so that they can continueto produce their amazing wines with love and care, against all odds.
We love natural & biodynamic wines
Natural wines are a world-wide trend and we plan to expand this part of our wine list with more incredible Greek natural and biodynamic wines, which are some of the best in the world.
We offer Greek indigenous varieties
This site is mainly focused on Greek indigenous varieties with a small exception of a number of blends with international varieties that are remarkable.
We love wines made with “meraki”
Meraki is a Greek word, which is usually hard to translate, meaning passion and love for what one does which transforms everyday activities into personal moments of pleasure.


Greece is a truly amazing place with so much to explore. Some of the best beaches in the world, incredible islands, unspoiled land, beautiful mountains, remote villages, easy going friendly people and a great variety of agricultural products that make up one of the most interesting cuisines one can experience.
For the last 4.000 years grapes and wine have historically played a vital role in the everyday life of Greeks. For ancient Greeks winemaking was a respected art and wine drinking an important moment that brought together philosophers, politicians, writers and everyday people to discuss issues that were critical to the society of that time.
Greece is a truly amazing place with so much to explore.
Largely undiscovered by the rest of the world for centuries, it took many years and the help of new technology for wineries to reach a new level of quality that would place Greek winemaking back in the world wine scene to find its place where it was in bygone eras.
When you travel around Greece, you are not only thrilled by the amazing diversity of the land, the soil and climate of the country that can offer some of the best wines in the world, including organic and biodymanic, but also by the amazing number and quality of indigenous Greek varieties that are there to be enjoyed by wine lovers.
From Santorini for Asyrtico, Naousa and Amideo for Xinomavro, Nemea for Agiorgitiko, Madinia for Moshofilero, Chalkidiki for Malagouzia, Crete for Vidiano or Cephalonia for Robolla this Is a place of endless treasures to de discovered.
The purpose of AMAZING GREEK WINES is to bring the secret wine gems, made from indigenous varieties, by small lesser-known Greek wineries to the world. Being small family run businesses they often lack the funds for marketing and advertising while their quality is incredible, since their only way to compete with large commercially oriented wineries is through innovation and a low yield production philosophy. We are committed to support these producers by making their products available to consumers around the world.
We welcome you to an exciting trip of Greek wine discovery.