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Moschopolis Winery is located at the city of Thessaloniki in the north of Greece. It is the brain child of Giorgos Germenis a very experienced viticulturist, chemical soil specialist and wine consultant who decided after many years of supporting the efforts of other wineries, to create his own brand. Dr Germenis is not alone. At the moment the new generation of the Germenis family is fully committed to create wines that are unbeatable. The son of George Germanis Theodoros, with a Diploma in Electronic Engineering and a degree in Chemistry, his sister Aliki Germani-Paralidi and his sister’s husband, Dimitrios Paralidis, Diplomatic Agronomist Surveying Engineer are all part of the team that is committed to perfection. With minimal interventions, low yields, native yeasts and unfiltered bottling they have launched their own iconic wines that are being exported in a number of countries in Europe and around the world.