PDO Santorini, which received its PDO status in 1971, is today the most iconic Greek terroir with world famous wines which have found their place in some of the most prestigious wine lists of the finest restaurants globally. Santorini, also known as Thira, is part of Cyclades, a group of unique islands located at the southern Aegean which are considered one of the finest touristic destinations ever. This is the land of some of the most ancient vineyards in the world which owe their unique characteristics to their volcanic soil, the result of a huge eruption that took place almost 3.500 years ago and totally changed the morphology of the island. The PDO Santorini vineyard is self-rooted. The vine’s trunks form what is known as “kouloures”, basket shaped formations that protect the grapes, which grow with virtually no water, from the sun and northern winds. Indigenous local variety Assyrtiko is the undisputed protagonist of PDO Santorini with Assyrtiko-Santorini being the most wonderful appellation produced in this wine zone. Beyond Assyrtiko, wines with the indication “Nychteri ” produced from ultra mature grapes, offer high alcoholic content (a minimum of 13.5% ABV) and are aged in oak barrels for at least three months. On the other hand the famous Vinsanto wines are sweet dessert wines that age in oak barrels for at least 24 months. PDO Santorini are dry wines with: Assyrtiko (min75%), Aidani White, Athiri or sweet wines with: Assyrtiko (min 51%) and Aidani White.