Wine making in Rhodes has a long history dating back not only centuries but millenniums. PDO Rhodes includes the areas of cultivation of white grape variety Athiri and red grape variety Amorgiano, as the variety Mandilaria is called in Rhodes. The zone is mainly focused on the central-western part of Rhodes. The zone devoted to Athiri is smaller and based on the slopes of Mount Atavyrosand around the area of Kamiros. Amorgiano, is also cultivated in the same areas as Athiri but partially includes the area of Kamirosand Petaloudes. Athiri, is planted at mid-to-high altitudes while Amorgiano is cultivated at lower altitudes. PDO Rhodes yields 100% Athiri white wines and 100% Amorgiano (Mandilaria). These wines are: dry white, medium-dry white, medium-sweet white, dry red medium-dry red and medium-sweet red.