The PDO Peza zone, received its PDO status in 1971 for red wine and in 1982 for white wine. Vineyards of the Peza zone are located at the center and somehow to the north of the district of Heraklion at an altitude higher than 300m. The PDO Peza zone is more developed than the other two successive zones, PDO Archanes and PDO Dafnes. Mantilari, is an indigenous variety which is usually considered quite rough for single variety wines so it is always blended or vinified together with other, softer grape varieties. At Peza and Archanes, vintners use Kotsifali while in Paros they blend it with the white Monemvassia. PDO Peza reds usually contain the local grape variety Kotsifali. The legal requirements for PDO peza appelations is Vilana 100% for the white wines and traditionally 75% of Kotsifali and 25% of Mandilari for the red wines.