PDO Nemea received its PDO status in 1971. It is located in the south part of the district of Korinthia and mainly in the areas of Nemea, Sikyonia and Stymfalia. A smaller part of the zone lis located near the areas of Koutsopodi and Lyrkia. Nemea wines are linked with the myth of Hercules and are often called the blood of Hercules. The presence of an ancient sanctuary of Hercules in the area proves that myth and reality go hand in hand. An earlier name of Nemea is Agios Georgios which explains the origin of the name of its indigenous variety Agiorgitiko. This is probably the most important Greek PDO with 38 wineries present in the zone and 35 others with joint venture agreements for the production of Agiorgitiko 100%. Nemea – Agiorgitiko is today one of the most important brand names of the Greek vineyard. Nemea wines are dry red, medium-sweet and sweet red.