The Muscat White variety, apart from contributing to the PDO Muscat of Rhodes blend, also participates in four other Greek PDO wines (PDO Muscat of Cephalonia, PDO Muscat of Patras, PDO Muscat of Rio Patras and PDO Samos). Muscat di Trani was brought to Rhodes from the town of Trani, by the Italians during the time of their rule of the Dodecanese. The dessert wines under the geographical indication “Muscat of Rhodes” may be either vin naturellement dour or vin doux naturel – vin de liqueur. When the grapes used to create Muscat Rhodes wines come from privately-owned and low yield vineyards wineries can use the “grand cru” indication on the bottle. PDO Muscat Rhodes yields wines made of Muscat White or Muscat di Trani which are either sweet white or sweet fortified.