PDO Robola received its PDO status in 1971 . It covers the western side of Cephalonia, mainly at the northern part of the Paliki peninsula. The Muscat White variety can also be found in four other Greek PDO wines: PDO Muscat of Patras, PDO Muscat of Rio Patras, PDO Muscat of Rhodes and PDO Samos.. Production of wines is permitted on the island outside the zone. Dessert wines with the indication “Muscat of Cephalonia” may be either vin naturellement doux or vin doux naturel – vin de liqueur. According to the current legislation if grapes used come from their own low yield vineyards, producers are allowed to offer sweet wines bearing the additional “grand cru” indication. All PDO Muscat of Cephalonia wines are sweet wines with Muscat White 100%.