PDO Mantinia received its PDO status in 1971. It is located in the central eastern part of the district of Arcadia in Peloponnissos, between mount Parnon to the east and mount Mainalo to the west. The Mantinia plateau, where the ruins of ancient Mantinia are found, has an average altitude of 660m. The zone includes parts of the city of Tripoli and the smaller towns of Valtetsi, Korythi, Mantinia, Tegea . Grapes that come from vineyards located at the plateau are usually more aromatic with prevalent rose aromas while vineyards at the foothills produce grapes with citrus aromas and higher acidity. The terroir protagonist is of course Moshofilero, one of the most popular Greek white varieties today, which is present in Mantinia PDO wines with at least 85% or at a blend with the local variety Asproudes.