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All you need to know about Xinomavro

Xinomavro is probably the most amazing red Greek grape variety. Many believe it is the top variety that Greece has to offer to the world and one of the best European varieties due to its exceptional taste, unique aromas, high tannins and exceptional body. It is often associated with Nebbiolo, a fascinating Italian grape that produces high quality wines, the famous Barolo wines originating from the area of Piedmont, Italy.

Xinomavro is very popular abroad and now days it is also cultivated in Spain. The grape itself is dark-skinned, a combination of black and blue coloured grapes that come in tight clusters. The cultivation of Xinomavro is quite demanding since this variety can be sensitive both during the time in the field and during vivification. As its name suggests n Xinomavro consists of the word xino which means sour and mavro which means black. When the wine is young the high acidity is an important characteristic and even during oaking the producer needs to pay special attention in deciding what is the best oaking time needed.

There are already two styles of Xinomavro emerging from both Nemea and Amydeo the major Xinomavro producing regions in the north of Greece. One is more classic and offers wines with aromas of tomato, olives dried fruits such as prune, high acidity and powerful tannins. The other is a beautiful alternative version with darker color, concentrated texture, distinctive aromatic, with lighter tannins. Xinomavro produces incredible rosé wines that come in a variety of colours. The classic pink colour which is the colour prefered in the north and other parts of Greece which is seen as more original, when we are talking of Xinomavro 100% Then there is the new salmon colour version which is preferred by millions of tourists that visit Greece now days and have a distinct love for wines of this colour palette, which is part of the new wine scene all over the world. Rosé wines made of Xinomavro come with a nose of strawberry, rose and tomato jam. Top production sights in Greece include Naoussa and Amynteo, where PDO Naoussa and PDO Amynteo are the top expressions of this superb indigenous variety and are always Xinomavro 100%. On the other hand you have Goumenissa and Rapsani where PDO Goumenissa is a blend of Xinomavro and Negoska and PDO Rapsani a blend of Xinomavro, Krasato and Stavroto.