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All you need to know about Vidiano

Vidiano is a very ancient Greek white grape variety coming from the area of Rethymno at the island of Crete, south of Greece, not too far from Africa. It was almost extinct until 25 years ago, but during the last 10 years it is experiencing a full come back, not only in Crete but in other parts of Greece with producers trying to uncover its huge potential and to bring to surface its quality characteristics.

While Vidiano grapes ripe quite lately during the year they do much better in low yield production situations. They are usually offered as fresh but at times they
are fermented in barrel for complexity and texture. It is widely believed that this variety could do better in colder climates and higher altitudes but this is something that is still do be discovered by innovative producers throughout Greece like Lyrarakis Winery which produces Vidiano from grapes grown at an altitude of 610 meters above sea level.

With a nose of prevailing aromas of stone fruit, lime, quince, peach or flowers and a palate of medium high alcohol levels with a surprising fresh taste for the warm Cretan climate, impressive creamy texture and medium high acidity Vidiano is one of the indigenous Greek grape varieties that will create future headlines. It is now being explored by those who believe that there are more undiscovered diamonds from the Greek vineyard to be brought, in the years to come, to the world markets. So here is your chance to try the best before anyone else.