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All you need to know about Roditis

Roditis is the most widely cultivated grape variety in Greece but also the least explored. Itparticipates in numerous blends to create value for money wines that are popular in modern tavernas and restaurants all over Greece.

During the last few years though, slowly but steadily, it has been rising to new levels of excellence, which brings a new light to the special possibilities this variety carries for the future of Greek winemaking. When the focus is low yield production the result is outstanding wines that are good candidates for the world markets. Current premium Roditis wines are the result of new trends in the vineyard including production restrains, higher altitude vineyards and a new philosophy in vinification revealing the sophisticated characteristics hidden behind this sometimes overlooked variety. Although Roditis is considered a white variety its grape colour is reddish. Premium Roditis wines offer distinct lemon aromas or mineral aromas in certain regions, light to medium body and a fine acidity. Being present with thousands of hectars all over Epirus, Roditis yields the PDO Patras wines , participates at the PDO Anchilaos and PDO Slopes of Meliton whites and is part of the blend in many PGI wines.