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All you need to know about Robola

Robola is an important Greek variety mainly planted at the Ionian island of Cephalonia and Central Greece. Some compare it with Chablis when young or Riesling after it has aged forfew years.

While the name and the proximity of Cephalonia to Italy may suggest that this is an Italian variety, most probably Ribolla Gialla from northeastern Italy, the differences between the two are many. Most experts today agree that it is a unique indigenous variety with its own terroir in Cephalonia where in the recent years a number of successful efforts have been made to improve production quality by focusing on new technology and lower yields, thus changing the existing perceptions for Robola wines at the international wine world. Due its sensitivity to weather conditions, pests and oxidation it is necessary for a number of crucial factors to be always taken in consideration by the producer and for every vinification to take place entirely in stainless steel tanks. But if properly cultivated and vinified Robola wines tend to have amazing characteristics including an exciting minerality, which is often compared with the one present in wines from the world famous PDO Santorini. Robola wines are elegant dry white terroir driven wines, with medium body and high acidity, that promise to be the next secret to be discovered from the Greek vineyard.