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All you need to know about Moshofilero

For those who have never tasted Moshofilero it is hard to describe the unique aroma and magic sense of refreshment that this great Greek indigenous variety promises to those willing to give it a try.

“Moscho” the first half of its name, stands for the unique grape originating from the Fileri family of grapes, which will be both incredibly aromatic and sensuous. While Moshofilero grapes tend to be red or grey on the outside the colour of the end product is usually white, although the number of rose wines made of Moshofilero now days are on the rise.
Wines made of Moshofilero are always dry wines and are often blended with other wines in order for them to lend their amazing aromas and superb taste.

Moshofilero comes from the area of Mantinia in the Peloponnese district located at the south of Greece, where the cool sea breezes and special microclimate conditions offer the gifts of unparalleled taste and mesmerizing aromas, yielding to the PDO Mantinia. Filled with notes of rose petals and lemon flowers they invite you to experience this great land through its magnificent wines. Next time, when you decide to travel in the area of Peloponnese please do not skip the experience of visiting one of the local wineries to have a sip of these gorgeous wines.

While Moshofilero wines are seldom oaked in order to acquire full bodied wines they are often vinified with the champenoise method to produce wonderful sparkling wines that will knock your socks off with their taste, light body and aromas. Do not miss the chance to find a place for them in your cellar. Their exotic and charismatic finesse is unique amongst wines from other Mediterranean countries. When you are lucky enough to be able to enjoy them amongst other Greek wines anywhere around the world, make sure that the temperature is right in order for Moshofilero to expose the full spectrum of its personality to your senses. Images of slopes, hills and beautiful mountainous plateaus will come to mind, facing a clear blue sea with colours rare to find around the world.