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All you need to know about Mavrodafne

Mavrodafne is another acclaimed Greek grape variety that has won international recognition thanks to its unique product attributes that brought new dimensions to the famous wines produced by its grapes.

Today most of the vineyards cultivating Mavrodafne are found in northwestern Greece, mainly at Peloponesse near the city of Patras and throughout the Ionian island of Cephalonia under the PDO indication PDO Mavrodafne of Patras and PDO Cephalonia. Its main characteristics include the almost black colour of grapes, exploding aromas of dried prunes, marzipan, caramelized dark fruits, chocolate and spices in the nose, high alcohol content and medium acidity and a spicy bitter aftertaste which brings in unique complexity unmatched by other varieties. The special nose and the absence of sugars rightfully brings to mind the famous Amarone wines of Veneto. During the last years a number of great dry wines produced from Mavrodafne have been brought to consumer’s attention with very exciting results. It was also only very recently that single variety wines, both sweet and dry, have appeared in Greece and the world markets and have drastically changed the perceptions about the future of Mavrodafne in wine testing events. A new production philosophy, based on quality, combined with a renewed focus on smaller yields are opening new roads of popularity, throughout the world, for those modern sophisticated wines.