There are numerous indigenous grape varieties In Greece today. Some are already world famous, others are very ancient and at some point were almost extinct, while others are recently been discovered by oenophiles in Greece and abroad. Here is a list of the most important ones, as a point of reference, but we will only present in full only the ones available at the moment from Amazing Greek Wines.

Greek White Wine Varieties

Aidani: Indigenous variety from the Cycladic Islands

Assyrtiko: Amazing indigenous variety from Santorini producing dry whites.

Athiri: An ancient variety from Santorini

Thrapsathiri: Indigenous variety from Crete offering full body wines

Debina: Mainly from the region of Epirus and often used in the production of sparkling wines

Lagorthi: Planted in mountainous regions in the Peleponnese

Kydonitsa: A quite rare variety produced in the Peleponnese

Malagousia: A very popular variety with medium acidity and great aromas.

Malvasia / Monemvasia: A white variety used dessert wines with along history

Moshofilero: One of Greece’s most important aromatic varieties

Muscat of Alexandria: An ancient variety that thrives in Greece’s hot climate

White Muscat: Famous for its sweet dessert wines

Plyto: A rare variety from Crete saved from extinction planted in very few vineyards

Robola: A popular variety that comes exclusively from the Ionian island of Cephalonia

Roditis: One of the most planted varieties in Greece which participates in numerous blends

Savatiano: A heat resistant grape that comes from the area of Attica

Vidiano: A very promising white wine variety from Rethymno Crete

Vilana: A famous indigenous Cretan white variety

Greek Red Wine Varieties

Agiorgitiko: One of the most important Greek reds

Kotsifali: An indigenous variety from Crete.

Liatiko: Another variety native to Crete producing both dry and sweet wines

Limnio: An ancient variety from the island of Lemnos now planted in many parts of northern Greece.

Mandilaria: Cultivated on the islands of Crete and Rhodes

Mavrodaphne: Offers both dry and world famous sweet wines

Mavrotragano: Common in Santorini blends, today it also comes as a single variety wines

Negkoska: Planted throughout Macedonia and usually blended with xinomavro.

Vertzami: A rare well aging variety producing wines with high alcohol content.

Xinomavro: One of the most important indigenous Greek varieties today with many success stories in exports all over the world.