Mavrodafne ist eine weitere bekannte griechische Rebsorte, die dank ihrer einzigartigen Produkteigenschaften, die den berühmten Weinen aus ihren Trauben neue Dimensionen verleihen, internationale Anerkennung gefunden hat.

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Eine Dame, die gerne im Mittelpunkt der Aufmerksamkeit steht
23.20 21.09

[product_subtitle] Mavrodafne is already building fans all over the world and this is fully justified since it has a great potential for fine wine making and amazing characteristics that qualify for exports. Laurier Noir Nature by Tetramythos Winery is a chic dry wine made of Mavrodafne which owes its fame to its dynamic persona which is beautifully balanced by a bouquet of dense aromas and crispy acidity. The grapes come from an unirrigated vineyard located in the area of Aegialia,900 meters above sea level, that is cultivated under the principles of organic cultivation, with minimum interventions and natural vinification. Fermentation takes place with indigenous yeasts in oak barrels for 8 months and then it is bottled without the use of filtration or sulfites. You will love this natural wine that is clearly one we will hear a lot about in the future.