Discover an extraordinary Nemea

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Discover an extraordinary Nemea

To make premium wines is obviously both a special art and a very demanding science and there are always a few amazing people who will put every possible effort into this goal. For Apocalypsis 2014 Christos Barafakas, went a long way with experimentation. It took him 10 years to rediscover Agiorgitiko and finally he came up with something super unique, since the result justifies the name of this great wine. In order to bring out the best of Agiorgitiko he decided he had to select only the best vineyards in Nemea and this is exactly what he did. With very special care during the process of vinification the precious fruit remains in French oak barrels for 12 months and gains finesses and complexity. Apocalypsis 2014 is an extraordinary Nemea with perfect balance between fruit and spice, a very fulfilling original expression of what it is supposed to be.

Die Farbe ist mittelviolett, der Körper hat ein mittleres Volumen mit einer attraktiven öligen Textur und milden, sehr zufriedenstellenden Tanninen.

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