PDO Muscat Patras received its PDO status in 1972. It includes a number of areas in northern Peloponnese where cultivation is focused on the variety Muscat White.It located in the areas of Vrachneika, Dymi, Larissos, Messatis, Paralia, Rio, Farres and Olenia while a smallnortheastern part of the city  of Patras area is included. Muscat White is a white grape variety which is also blended into PDO Muscat of Cephalonia, PDO Muscat of Rio Patras, PDO Muscat of Rhodes and PDO Samos. PDO Muscat Patras produces dessert wines that are either ” vin naturellement doux” or “vin doux naturel” All PDO Muscat Patras are Muscat White 100%.