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Alles, was Sie über Weißen Muskateller wissen müssen

There is a wide range of dessert wines of international stature that are made from the famous Muscat White variety and they all come with impressive aromas and amazing flavours for which they are well known all over the world. Muscat of Patras”, “Muscat of Rio Patras”; “Muscat of Rhodes” “Muscat of Rhodes Samos” and “Muscat of Cephalonia” are the main sub-varieties that are considered landmarks in the world of Greek winemaking. They have won numerous awards in the most prestigious wine tasting competitions, exceptional reviews by masters of wine and industry journalists and are regularly presented in wine magazine editorials globally.

Muscat White in the west of Greece is mainly cultivated in the vineyards of Patras, Rio of Patras and Cephalonia where it has a long history which goes back hundreds of years. In the East part of Greece it is cultivated at Rhodes and Samos, two beautiful islands of the Aegean sea who have their own incredible tradition of very special dessert wines. All these areas have their individual PDO zones in order to protect the origin of their sweet Muscat wines. Muscat White grapes are small berried with a rather thick skin and when blessed by boundless warm rays of sunlight for longer periods of time, they produce an unmatched concentrated taste.

When they are oaked the concentration is even more prominent with notes of honey with nuts or homemade preserves. The amazing aromas, concentrated taste and astonishing flavour characteristics are present in all Muscat White wines while at the dry ones to a lesser degree, which is though more than enough to send you for one more glass of these excquisite wines that promise 100% satisfaction for your senses.