7 Amazing Ways To Discover Greece Through Its Wines

Greece is a country that most of us will eventually visit at least once in our lives. And we strongly suggest that this is a wonderful thing to do since it offers a combination of amazing factors to be experienced by those who have the time to invest and the knowledge to appreciate it.

With hundreds of incredible islands, impeccable beaches, magic ancient history and thousands of interesting historic spots to visit. With villages untouched by modern civilization, mountains and hills of great beauty and diversity, a unique cuisine boasting of fresh vegetables, seafood and amazing Greek wines to enjoy it is almost impossible not to decide to go to Greece.

Now for those who are going to explore this country we strongly suggest to leave aside the easy 5 stars hotel inclusive vacation options and to select a more adventurous vacation style that will expose you to the treasures not easily accessible to tourists that are not familiar with the endless beauties Greece has to offer.

1. Get inspired by the wine culture of ancient Greece

As you travel around Greece having some knowledge of ancient history beforehand is an absolute must. For ancient Greeks winemaking was a respected art with Dionissos, God of wine, joy and partying being the supreme protector of joy and partying. From what we know today ancient Greeks used symposiums as a social gathering of great importance where philosophy, religion, social issues and politics were discussed amongst participants with a glass or rather a cup of wine. Water was added so guests would not be affected as the night unfolded and the dinners could go on late until the morning hours. Wine production and consumption were very important factors not only for the economy of the city states of that time but for the culture, entertainment and much more.

2. Discover local cuisine and food pairing

Greek cuisine is very diverse and offers a huge selection of dishes based on ingredients and recipes that come all the way back from ancient Greece or the Byzantine era. Bread, oil, olives, local Greek wines, fresh vegetables and herbs, nuts, fruits and an amazing selection of cheeses of all types create a phenomenal plethora of tastes and plates that you will remember for life. As a matter of fact you will find a different type of cheese on every island you visit, either made of sheep, goat or cow milk.

Now food pairing is very interesting because depending on which part of Greece you are visiting a huge selection of local grape varieties, some still not widely known outside of Greece, offer a great spectrum of lovely tastes when combined with local “mezedes” (small dishes) not to be missed.

3. Fall in love with Santorini with a glass of Assyrtiko

Santorini is a dream come true for millions of travelers from around the world. The absolutely incredible view of the volcano from Santorini’s famous Kaldera is a sight that you will never forget in your life because it is so different and unique from anything you have seen. The sunset from your room or balcony is romantic and filled with emotions

and memories. So while this island is graced with one of the best touristic locations in the world due to its volcanic soil it is also graced with amazing wines. The Assyrtiko grape variety is today Greece’s best and most sought-after variety. Local restaurants offer a wide wine list coming mainly from local wineries, at least as far as Assyrtiko is concerned. So, when you are making your choice you better know your story well, because you will easily lose your chance to explore some of the world’s best hidden wines.

4. Visit one of the lesser known Greek family owned wineries

At the moment there are hundreds of Greek wineries of all sizes all over Greece. They can be found throughout the country but mainly in Santorini, Nemea, Crete, Naousa, Drama, Chalkidiki, Metsovo, Tripoli, Mantineia, Kefalonia and Samos. Mostly run by small family teams that have the passion and the knowledge to produce gems both for local consumption and the world markets. The quality now days is amazing with plenty of these smaller wineries winning golden awards at numerous wine competitions including Decanter. Wine tours and oenotourism are very popular today and offer plenty of beautiful events and occasions for wine testing and food pairing. You should not miss out this experience during your stay in Greece since the magic of each location, often wineries are renovated buildings with a long history, will always come to your mind as you drink a glass of local wine back in your home country.

5. Discover the emerging wine bar scene

The wine bar scene is a relatively new trend that is steadily emerging during the last 10 years throughout Greece. The financial crisis that started in 2009 created a need for a low cost evening go out option where you could enjoy a great glass of wine with a small side dish in a beautiful environment. Now that could be anywhere, at the city center, at a mountain resort in winter or overlooking the port in one of Greece’s numerous islands. On the other hand during this same period there has been a revolution in the winemaking scene in Greece with numerous new wineries and an explosion of quality that has brought Greek wines to new highs for the first time ever. Discover the emerging wine bar scene and get familiar with one of the most popular evening hangouts that you should not miss during your stay.

6. Create your own little cellar of Greek Wines.

What is the power of Xinomavro, Greece’s incredible red grape variety coming from the mountainous north? What is the color and elegant taste of Agiorgitiko the amazing red of the south of Greece? What is the difference of taste between Malagousia and Moshofilero grape varieties and which parts of Greece do they come from? Which Greek islands out of Santorini now offer new undiscovered versions of Assyrtiko that the world is waiting to taste? There are so many things to discover about Greece by discovering the different local Greek wines that create a culture within a culture that you can easily miss. Our suggestion to you and really the reason of existence of this site is to offer an education on the amazing indigenous Greek wine varieties for those who want to visit soon. Amazing Greek Wines will support your efforts to create your own cellar at a cost that is much lower to what you would pay in your home country. Our producers are small lesser known family owned wineries who offer a level of quality that it is hard to get from wineries that aim in mass production,. So these treasures are here to be discovered by those willing to see the world from a deeper and more adventurous point of view.

7. Educate yourself about Greek wines before you travel

Amazing Greek Wines is here to educate you in an unparalleled way, by taking you around Greece the way a local friend would. We choose to show you the magic locations that are not touristic or overvalued. Each spot will have a small tavern overlooking the sea, a local gourmet restaurant, one or more wineries which produce wines from indigenous varieties and so much more to see then only the wonders of an incredible coastline. Your memories of each location, the magic hours by the sunset, the moments of discovery of ancient locations or local cuisine will always be combined with exquisite wines that you need to know about before you visit.

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