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It will be hard to be objective with a wine that we totally adore. Idylle d’ Achinos of La Tour Melas is one of these wines that you will always keep in your cellar for a special occasion. It is a blend of 3 different varieties Grenache, Syrah, and Agiorgitiko in equal parts, vinified with a very short extraction time, which leads to a perfect final product bursting with finesse. La Tour Melas carries the vision of master winemaker Kyros Melas, who built a winery that is very close to what you would expect from a famous Burgundy brand. The grapes come from 100 years old vines which are cultivated according to the principles of organic and biodynamic farming, with extremely limited interventions and very low yields, which results in extraordinary concentrations. Enjoy the extraordinary salmon-pink color and a very elegant nose full of smooth notes of juicy, ripe cherries and strawberries, red apple, sanguine and hidden notes of orange blossom.  




Contains 6 bottles at a special 6 pack discount price
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Klima Vidiano 2021 is a wonderful aromatic wine from Crete that we urge all of you to try. Nikos Karavitakis has been experimenting for years with Vidiano, the fantastic variety that is taking over Crete and the world by surprise, while everybody believes that its export potential is bright. You will love its refreshing aromas of fresh peach, lime and chamomile that burst out of your glass combined with a well balanced acidity. Fermentation takes place in stainless steel and the precious juice does not stay on the lees for too long since its great fruity character is so present and overwhelming. Klima Vidiano 2020 comes with bright yellow colour, medium body and acidity. Enjoy the long aftertaste with hints of sweet apricot which stays with you long after you have emptied your glass




Contains 6 bottles at a special 6 pack discount price
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This beautifully balanced rose is music to your ears in many ways. With minimal interventions, low yields, native yeasts and unfiltered bottling the Germanis family has launched its own iconic wines that are being exported in a number of countries around the world. With a superb structure and amazing complexity Moschopolis 8 stands out from any other rose you have tried. It is a blend of Xinomavro and Syrah in equal proportions. The wine owes its intense but delicate character to the fact that it matures for 8 months in oak barrels. Remember there are only limited numbers of bottles available from this wine and we strongly suggest you make a move today or it might be too late. In the glass Moschopolis8 has a medium pink colour. At the nose it has a very attractive bouquet of aromas including sweet cherry, ripe strawberry, vanilla, and rose notes. On the palate it is rich, oily with perfect acidity and a rich aftertaste of toffee caramel.  At the nose it has a very attractive bouquet of aromas including sweet cherry, ripe strawberry, vanilla, and rose notes. On the palate it is rich, oily with perfect acidity and a rich aftertaste of toffee caramel  

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CHARDONNAY - ADAM WINES This fine Chardonnay wine comes from Adam, a village near Thessaloniki. Adam Winery is serious in its strategic choice of biological cultivation, low yield philosophy and very selective sorting of the fruit. No barrels are used in the process of vinification in order to retain intact the aromas of the variety. Instead light battonage is used with fine wine lees. ORIVATIS SAVVATIANO OLD VINES - AKRIOTOU MICROWINERY If you have never heard of the Savatianno variety you need to know that it has been cultivated in the Attica region forever. Orivatis, by Akriotou Mikrowinery, is a great opportunity to taste one of its finest expressions. A fresh and juicy white wine that will impress you and satisfy your senses anytime. KOMPSOS ROSE - KARAVITAKIS WINERY Kompsos means elegant in Greek and it combines 3 different varieties that perfectly match each other’s virtues. Assyrtiko brings in its dynamic character and minerality, Vidiano brings in its oily persona with aromatic notes of peach and chamomile and finally Malvasia contributes its unique aromatic profile with its amazing floral spectrum. ROSE - MPOUGIOURIS ESTATE Try the excellent rose from Mpougiouris Estate. Experience what real value for money means. This is a wine you can easily stock in your since no one will will not believe t of premium quality. Rose Mpougiouris Estate is a rose wine full of brio and delicious fruity aromas that everyone loves and enjoys until the last sip. It's incredible price almost forces you to never run out! It excites both with its aromas and flavors which makes it truly irresistible! AIORA RED - MOSCHOPOLIS WINERY Aiora red from Moschopolis Winery is an enchanting red wine that you will have to try very hard not to like. The juicy red fruit, the subtle earthiness and the spicy character will win you over from the first sip! Initially, the blend consists of Mavrotragano, Xinomavro and Syrah, which initially ferment at controlled temperatures, in stainless steel tanks. The wine is then put into special clay amphorae from Crete and remains there for at least 2 months. MERLOT - MPOUGIOURIS ESTATE Mpougiouris brothers have a special bond with the French variety because it gives wines round and velvety. This was their purpose when they planted Merlot in their vineyards on the slopes of Kithaironas. Endless care at all stages, from viticulture to final bottling, has provided a wine that you should try hard not to love. The 12-month maturation in French oak barrels gave the finishing touches reaching the final goal: velvety tannins, ripe fruit coated with vanilla and butterscotch notes in a chocolatey dimension.

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