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A magical expression of Nemea
53.20 48.36

The Gofas family tradition is lost in time with generations of wine producers being involved in wine making in the family owned vineyards in Nemea. Vasilio 2018 is a majestic wine that is one of the finest protagonists today within the Nemea terroir. Grapes come from a single vineyard in Koutsi, the centre of this mythical region which has been producing wine for 3000 years. The 50 years old vineyard was planted by the godfather of Costantine Gofas, at an altitude of 480m and at a very difficult slope. Without any irrigation the vineyard produces very limited yields of precious concentrated fruit which remains for 30 months in French oak barrels and then is bottled in 900 rare bottles, where it stays for another year. With an aging potential of 10 years this superb wine will become even better if you decide to keep it for a few more years in your cellar. But can you resist the temptation?


Greek Wines


A touch of perfection with Xinomavro and Syrah
16.30 14.82

This beautifully balanced rose is music to your ears in many ways. With minimal interventions, low yields, native yeasts and unfiltered bottling the Germanis family has launched its own iconic wines that are being exported in a number of countries around the world. With a superb structure and amazing complexity Moschopolis8 stands out from any other rose you have tried. It is a blend of Xinomavro and Syrah in equal proportions. The wine owes its intense but delicate character to the fact that it matures for 8 months in oak barrels. Remember there are only limited numbers of bottles available from this wine and we strongly suggest you make a move today or it might be too late. In the glass Moschopolis8 has a medium pink colour. At the nose it has a very attractive bouquet of aromas including sweet cherry, ripe strawberry, vanilla, and rose notes. On the palate it is rich, oily with perfect acidity and a rich aftertaste of toffee caramel.



Assyrtiko Maison Viticole 2021. Domaine Ligas

Meet the perfect orange natural wine
29.40 26.73

Assyrtiko Maison Viticole Domaine Ligas is the perfect orange natural Greek wine. The Ligas family is considered a pioneer in the introduction of natural wines in Greece.Their philosophy is fully focused on biodynamic cultivation and permaculture, meaning cultivation that follows the rules of sustainability and consists of all the things we adore. No interventions, no sulphites, no commercial yeasts. The result is a wine that is a rare gem. Assyrtiko Maison Viticole Domaine Ligas is made from the world famous Assyrtiko variety. 50% matures in stainless tanks with skin contact while the other 50% in champagne oak barrels for 12 months. This wine is what we truly can call premium wine and it does deserve its place in the universe of the global best.



Aegean Islands

Santorini 34,2020. Antonis Karamolegos Winery

34 centuries of amazing Santorini in your glass
32.20 29.27

Santorini 34 by Artemis Karamolegos Winery is top quality Santorini from one of the best wineries on the island. The name refers to the 34 centuries of uninterrupted cultivation at some of Santorini’s top vineyards where the Assyrtiko variety grapes used for its production come from. These vineyards are located at the villages of Fira, Akrotiri, Pyrgos, Exo Gonia and Megalochori. Santorini 34 has an amazing 10 year aging potential and it is this wine that we suggest you need to find a place for in your cellar. The concentration is top of the top, the structure is well balanced, the overall texture is somehow oily with the characteristic minerality of this terroir and the acidity is perfectly crispy.

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Amazing Greek Wines presents its full list of wonderful Natural, Organic and Biodynamic wines from different parts of Greece that will eventually be increased further in the months to come.

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Gold, silver or bronze awards, top ratings and distinctions from the most prestigious wine competitions around the world are now days very common for the wines of our producers.

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